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Severn Bore
Moderate bores expected around Spring tides 02 - 04 Jan and 31 Jan - 04 Feb.

River Severn, Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.

Opening hours for locks and bridges are 0800 - 1800 hours until 25 Mar 2018. From 01 Nov 2017 until 25 Mar 2018. Severn navigation is closed on Tues and Weds. Contact Gloucester Lock for all enquiries.
Source: Canal & River Trust.

Winter Boating
For advice on out of season boating see Winter Boating.

River Severn Levels
For up-to-date river levels and/or flood warnings at specific sites, refer to the Environment Agency.
Caution :  river levels can rise very rapidly after heavy rain anywhere in the large Severn catchment area.  For lock availability, contact Lock Keeper by VHF or telephone.

Boating Formulas
For boating formulas you once knew but may have forgotten see Boating Formulas.

Online quiz to test your boating knowledge.

Bulk Freight transport
Cemex continue shipping sand and gravel aggregate on the River Severn to their processing plant at Ryall's House Farm quarry. Sand and gravel is being transported from a new quarry and wharf at Ryall's Court to the north of Upton.

For photographs see freight transport

Droitwich Barge Canal/River Severn
Barge Canal has access from River Severn north east of Bevere Lock.   Air draught is very restricted and access to the inland canal system only possible for narrow boats.

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VHF Check
If you transmit on VHF your boat name, owner and licence details, and call sign can be checked on the official database.

Weather Forecasts
For locality specific weather forecasts go to Bristol Channel or Severn Boating Links.

Change of VHF Radio Frequencies
HM Coastguard now uses
Channels 62, 63 and 64 for transmission of MSI and radio medical advice
Source:HM Coastguard.

Marine Safety Information
Voice VHF for Bristol Channel broadcast at 3 hour intervals starting at 0150 hours. Severn bridge aerial on VHF channel 64.
Source: Marine & Coastguard Agency.

Sea Locks Sharpness and Bristol
Heavily tide dependent; lock and swing bridges require prior arrangement by telephone or VHF.
Most other sea locks in the Severn Estuary and Bristol Channel are dependent on the tides. For information see relevant links under Bristol Channel ('major shipping...') and Severn Links ('nautical matters')

Moon Phases
Full Moon 02 Jan   New Moon 17 Jan   Full Moon 31 Jan.

Spring tides occur two days after new or full moon.

For online daily tide times at Avonmouth and other locations in Bristol Channel see under 'Nautical Matters' in Severn boating links

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For locations and sketch maps see River Severn,  the Sharpness canalSevern Estuary  and  Bristol Channel.  For boating events go to Ports of Call

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