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Test your boating knowledge

  1. The starboard navigation light on a motor boat is?
    white red green

  2. The sound signal for a ship turning to the left is?
    one short blast two short blasts one long and one short blast

  3. To terminate a VHF radio communication the correct response is
    over out over and out

  4. In the northern hemisphere the wind in a low pressure system?
    circulates clockwise can circulate either anti clockwise or clockwise is usually anticlockwise

  5. On a river the shallowest water is most likely on?
    on the inside of a bend immediately upstream of a bridge on the outside of a bend

  6. Spring tides occur?
    only in the Spring usually twice a month only in the Spring and Autumn

  7. The angular distance between true north and magnetic north is?
    the magnetic deviation always constant the magnetic variation

  8. Which of the following is NOT a distress signal
    a white flare a square flag and a round shape hoisted together international code flags N above C

  9. You are in a motor boat and another power boat is approaching you head-on. What should you do?
    positively alter your course to starboard . hold your present course alter your course to port

  10. The correct ensign for an English pleasure craft is now.....?
    the St. George cross the ensign of the European union the red ensign


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